New Chairman of the Dorset Police Authority

He was supposed to be an Independant member of the Police Authority,
how can he be independant if he has taken a Masonic Oath to protect
and defend a Brother Mason at all costs, which is what the Bretherin do?
If he is a MASON?

We were told Brother Taylor was paid for being Chairman of the Police Authority, before he was chair, bretherin Taylor was paid £17 p/h of Rate Payers money, for influencing various comittees. When Taylor took control of the Police Authority from Peter Jones in 2002, Taylor was paid £2521.53. In the financial year 2009/2010, Taylor was paid £26,729.70, not a bad pay increase under his leadership!

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Brother Taylor has authorised spending over £42,000 of Dorset
Rate Payers money, on a civil action, attempting to silence Barry Hunt of
Weymouth from making public allegations of Masonic Police Misconduct.
This case is still ongoing, To see Information : Click Here

Brother Taylor is also the man who has authorised spending a large
amount of Dorset Rate Payers money on civil actions that are still
ongoing, against the owner of these websites. Has Taylor got a
Masonic conflict of interest, exampled in these cases?
To see the Dossier on Taylor that was given to us

How can Dorset Police and the Police Authority maintain
a Credible Position in these legal actions they have
started, now that these facts are known? One way out for
Taylor is to deny that he is, or has ever been a MASON.
One Dorset councilor recorded in the Dorset Masonic
Membership list, who claims he is temporarily resigned
or unattached from his lodge, has verbally confirmed to
one of the victims, that he knows Taylor is a MASON,
and further stated that as far as he knew, Taylor does
not have to declare membership of freemasonry.

It is irrelevant if Taylor is or is not a MASON, he still
auhthorised malicious civil actions at the rate payers
expense, against the owner of these websites. Furthermore he is
refusing to deal with criminal allegations set out by London Lawyers,
in accordance with statute law. This would mean bringing in an
outside force to investigate the allegations. Something
that Taylor and others on the Police Authority resist
AT ALL COSTS. To see the Evidence : CLICK HERE

Obstructing powers granted by statute in relation to the
Lawyers allegations, is a criminal offence in itself.

JIM KNIGHT MP (Dulux Jim) whitewashed a supposed investigation
into Masonic Police Misconduct in Dorset, to see information on this

In good faith, the owner of this website has asked various councillors, and the clerk to the police authority, to inform Taylor, and if he has any objection to what is being published, to contact us, or send us his response, to the information we have been given. We allow anybody mentioned on this website to have the right of reply. However Taylor and his cronies on the police authority get paid their hourly rate for discussing the victims who make complaints, without the victims being present to give their response to what is being said about them. This shows the disparity of natrual justice.

The patron of this website recieved a letter from another bunch of Dorset Lawyers, Battens of Dorchester. They were thretening all kinds of legal actions. It was pointed out to them that this website exists and is regestered outside the UK in a country that does not have the oppressive laws and liable laws that we have. Furthermore civil rights organisations publish websites exposing their plight in tollerant countries like the Netherlands. This is where the Bellgrade Radio Station were broadcasting over the internet due to the Malosovitch Regieme using their supposed courts and legal system to shut down criticism. Much of what they were broadcasting is now being used in The Haugue. Furthermore in the Netherlands these websites are protected under Article 10 of the European Human Rights Convention, that states that we can express ourselves and deseminate information without interferance from public authorities.

It was pointed ot to Battens of Dorchester that whatever action they think they can take against a man that the Chairman of the Police Authority has already failed to win bankrupcy proceedings against, In fact Taylor authorised spending a fortune in rate payers money on maliscious civil actions, that
will have no effect on this website that is outside the UK and protected under International Law, unlike the Draconian Court System in Britian that does Hatchet Jobs on people who complain about the authorities, instead of providing them with justice.

Instead of dealing with criminal allegations set out by london lawyers, Taylor and the clerk to the police authority, along with the chief constable thought they could bury the victim in civil litigation so that the criminal allegations would go away. It shows these people are not particularly intelligent, as clearly criminal allegations never go out of time. We hope that one day Taylor and the others will face criminal inditement for the misconduct in public office, and waste of Dorset Rate Payers Money in doing this.

To see the letter and the Chairman of the Police
Authorities denials of Freemasonary, Click Here >