C/O 'BELSTONE' Roundwood, Kings Langley, Herts, WD4 8BE.

22nd April, 2002
Jim Knight, MP
House of Commons
London, SW1A 0AA

Dear Sir,

After you met with Mr Croley and others, you advised him that he and the other victims complaining about the Misconduct from the Dorset Authorities should detach themselves from VOMIT and form a proper organization to campaign. We have done this and Mr Coulter of Hertfordshire handed over an American Internet site to our organization, due to his strong feelings of sympathy to victims, following what the Dorset Authorities did to him.

We thank you for starting an investigation into what has been done to the victims, and checking the validity of their allegations, however, we are aware of the strict Parliamentary Protocol with regard to victims cases outside your constituency. We make the following observation, in order for your investigation to properly consider Misconduct, Corruption and Abuse of power in the Dorset Authorities, you will need to take evidence, and investigate allegations against the Dorset Authorities irrespective of where that evidence has come from. This falls outside Parliamentary Protocol now that an investigation is under way. Since the Authorities you are investigating cover the whole of Dorset and not just your constituency, it is even more expedient that the same names accused by different victims, from inside and outside your constituency are properly investigated, and all evidence looked at properly.

One of the worst allegations of abuse of power from Dorset Police and the case of Lomand Handley. She alleged that when she was a Lib-Dem Councillor, she made a speech with reference to Masons. After this she was ostracized by her political group, causing her to become an election agent, and candidate for a different party in an election. She claims that at some point her flat was broken into and the burglar took all her documents relating to election expenses and other material. This may not be another 'Watergate' but a simple mistake by a common burglar. However, Miss Handley claims that Dorset Police failed to investigate the burglary seriously and, in fact, started criminal proceedings against Miss Handley under the Representation Of The People Act of election law. The C.P.S. of which there is more than one person in Dorset complaining about, then secured a conviction against Miss Handley. This case should be looked at in detail by an outside Force due to the shocking allegations against Democracy itself. Miss Handley can be contacted by Andrew Roberts at 16, Evering Avenue Poole, Dorset, BH12 4JQ.

We would appreciate a thorough investigation of the interplay of the various Dorset Authorities, considering evidence from any location anywhere in the world, in so far as it relates to Misconduct in the Authorities responsible for your constituency in Dorset

Yours sincerely

Dorset Victim Support .ORG