Some of the People Lobbied, & Attempted Dialogue.
Some of these people who hold public office, realize that they are the Checks & Balances in society,
and are the people in charge of over-promoted, overpaid, Incompetent & Arrogant Officers in the Council & Police.
Some of the people Lobbied are themselves so Arrogant that it is said they are only interested in attending
meetings and claiming their reimbursements and expenses. The Patron of this site is a reasonable man,
and is fed up with character assassination leveled against him. Therefore he has invited all the people
named in this section, to engage in a dialogue, or give reasons if they have any objection to what is
published about them. They have a Guaranteed Right of Reply.

The Dorset Authorities DO NOT LIKE Dialogue!
We now have evidence of their oppressive nature, see how Elaine Taylor
Head of the Legal Department in the County Council, attempts to take
away a mans Legal Rights of Lobbying.

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Under statute law, the police and the police authority are supposed
to hold regular public consultative meetings. To see what the
rate payers in Dorset get CLICK HERE.

Jim Knight - MP
Peter Jones - Former Chair of Dorset Police Authority
Captain Lofts - Vice Chair of Dorset Police Authority
L Ames - County Councilor & Member of Dorset Police Authority
J Peak - Chairman of Dorset County Council - THE MOST ELOQUENT & ARROGANT.

Peter Harvey - Clerk to the Police Authority
Trevor Jones - County Councilor, & Former Leader of Dorset CC
Councilor R Dugdale - Chair of the Complaints Committee Dorset Police Authority
Michael Taylor CBE - New Chairman of the Dorset Police Authority
Gil Streets MBE - Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Dorset County Council

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If you wish to Lobby Polititians in Dorset may we suggest
some of these contact Numbers.

Robert Walter MP : 01258 452420
Robert Syms MP : 01202 739922
Ian Bruce : 01305 786142
Sir Peter Emery : 01395 264251
Christopher Fraser : 01202 718080

Oliver Letwin in Dorset

TELEPHONE : 01300 32 11 88
FAX : 01300 32 12 33