This crowd were briefed by Dorset Police / Dorset Police Authority / The Chief Constable / Andrew Culley and Uncle Tom Cobbley 'un all!.

Since Lester Aldridge and the Dorset Police decided to drag Mr Coulter into the Barry Hunt Vs Culley case, by disclosing confidential police reports naming Mr Coulter, and since the information commissioner had said its ok to disclose confidential material in this case, it is in the public interest that we show where it has been alleged that the cost draughts men Phillip Parsons representing Lester Aldridge / PC Culley / Dorset Police Authority / and Uncle Tom Cobbley 'un all, may have committed perjury in a witness statement. It is alleged that at a costings hearing in the Hunt Vs Culley case Mr Parsons read out documented information with regard to a barristers written advise note in this case. At 11.27am it was recorded by one of the people in the court that Mr Hunt requested sight of the document, and that Parsons refused to make this available to Mr Hunt, even though Parsons was introducing this document in the costings hearing. This has caused Mr Hunt to make an application to the High Court for disclosure of this document. However Mr Parsons now makes a supposed witness statement with the knowledge of Lester Aldridge who had engaged him in this case, this statement now claims that the document he referred to does not exist, or that Mr Hunt never requested sight of it in the proceedings. Since Mr Hunt has started a disclosure action based on the fact that 3 people heard Parsons reading from this document, and refusing to give Mr Hunt sight of the document that Parsons was relying upon, then one of them, or all of the others are not telling the truth? Has somebody committed perjury?