This crowd were briefed by Dorset Police / Dorset Police Authority / The Chief Constable / Andrew Culley and Uncle Tom Cobbley 'un all!.

The reason they now do the dirty work for a Bent Police Force, is because it has been bought to the attention of the corridors of power, that when the Bent County Council legal department did the dirty work for the Police, starting civil actions that were not in their own name, this was contrary to section 222 of the Local Government Act. Furthermore both the council and the Police Authority, and the Chief Constable are obliged under statute law (Local Government Act) to have a best value policy, and to do BVI Accounting. It is NOT Best Value Policy to start reckless civil actions running up Large Legal Bills using Dorset Rate Payers Money. Furthermore the officers and elected members who sanctioned starting those actions would themselves be held accountable at law for wasting rate payers money. However it has been suggested to us that LESTER ALDRIDGE as qualified Lawyers know this, and are in fact aiding and abetting a breach of BVI Policy in taking these actions at the expense of the Dorset Rate Payers, furthermore it is LESTER ALDRIDGE who are being paid the Rate Payers money for taking the reckless actions in the courts, knowing that there is no hope of recovering the money from the people they are taking the civil actions against.

Whilst taking these actions, did LESTER ALDRIDGE commit a Criminal Offense? Click Here for an Example!

We now show some examples of LESTER ALDRIDGE and their envolvement with the Police Authority breaching Best Value Policy contary to the Local Government Act. Click Here to View an Example

It has been alleged that the Dorset Authorities and Lester Aldridge at the minimum have an ongoing course of misconduct, and at the maximum commit criminal offences of perjury, misfeasance, and quoting with out predjudice conversations in legal proceedings. Have they now comitted another criminal offence of purjury? To see an example sent to us : CLICK HERE

have now started another malicious civil action for the Chief Constable of Dorset Police, this time they are atempting to put a man in to Bankruptcy for refusing to pay the costs in a civil action that Dorset Police and Dorset County Councils Legal Department started, again using Rate Payers Money. This action was to strike out a claim against the BENT Chief Constable Dirk Aldous, in 1996/7, where a solicitor in the county council legal department put a perjured affidavit before a master of the rolls, and engaged a barrister who lied in his advocating, in order for them to obtain a judgement. However it is not best value policy to spend rate payers money, making a man bankrupt, where they will recieve no costs in return. Nor is it best value policy to take this reckless action that is going to be contested in the courts. We shall be publishing the names of the members of the police authority who authorised this waste of rate payers money, when they were constantly told to resolve this matter by negotiation, or independant mediation.

In fact Michael Veal at LESTER ALDRIDGE has been told that this matter should go to Independent Mediation, as his actions are only going to cause more actions in the courts as a response. Mr Veal would seem to be as Arrogant as the Police Officers and members of the Police Authority who instructed him. Instead of trying to stop matters from escalating by verbal dialogue, he has insisted in putting the issues detailed above in writing, however he did not say to write on paper. Therefore it has been detailed above on the Internet. Mr Veal has written an arrogant letter stating that he does not understand how the issues raised are relevant to the SUPPOSED debt owed. We are sure anybody reading the above can understand what Mr Veal does not have the mental capacity to take on board. No wonder these people are arrogant, you the Tax Payer are paying for it! To see a copy of his Arrogant Letter - Click Here

On 1st August 2003 Mr Coulters solicitors, (who had already been pre briefed, despite Michael Veals arrogance in telling Mr Coulter to take legal advice, what makes the dullard think he didnt?), wrote to Mr Veal. In their letter they set out Chapter and Verse of what Mr Coulter had already explained to them, when he was attempting to stop further escalation by verbal dialogue. We do not understand how Michael Veal and others at Lester Aldridge are going to understand the solicitors letter. Mr Coulter speaks plain English, and we are sure you people can understand the above easier than the technicalities of the solicitors letter. However Michael Veal on his own admission does not have the mental capability of understanding plain English in verbal dialogue. We suspect he may have to seek a barristers opinion (Jobs for the Boys at the Tax Payers Expense) However for every case, and for every barristers opinion, there is a barrister on the other side with an opposite opinion. Wouldnt it be easier to just sit down and talk, and try to find a way to resolve the issues? This would be in the interest of the Dorset Rate Payers. To see a copy of the solicitors letter Click Here

Since Lester ALdridge have insisted on having the issues put in writing (for everyone to see, instead of without prejudice verbal dialogue), perhaps they should consider withdrawing from this case all together. We do not understand how they can maintain a credible position with an outstanding criminal allegation leveled against them for their actions in a separate case, where they involved Mr Coulter. Furthermore there are likely to be civil actions against Lester Aldridge for playing a dirty hand in that case. At the minimum they have an unacceptable conflict of interest, and should tell the police to appoint new lawyers who are not tainted already. If they do not do the honorable gentlemanly thing, then Mr Coulter will have to make an application to the court to have them removed.

These Dullards are as Dishonest as the
Police Force they Represent!

They sent a fax to Mr Coulters Solicitors suggesting that they do not incurred any costs in applying to the court to set aside the action they and the Chief Constable started, until they contact the lawyers the following day. This would have meant that Mr Coulter and his lawyers would run out of time to apply to the court to set aside their demand. If they wanted to look for some other solution other than a contested court case, they could have saved the money in legal costs on both sides when Mr Coulter telephoned them with these positive proposals. Unfortunately Michael Veal claims that he cannot understand this? We wonder why! In fact the lawyers can see through their misconduct, did they honestly think that Mr Coulter and his lawyers are that stupid as to have Lester Aldridge bulling them into an out of time situation, the lawyers did not respond very favorably to Lester Aldridge. Their facts proposing this dishonest scenario was dated 06th August and headed Confidential and for the Addressee Only. However Public Interest now takes over, as it is in the rate payers interest to know what a bunch of dishonest incompetent wasters Lester Aldridge are, especially when they are taking Rate Payers money for doing this. To See a Copy of their Fax and the Lawyers response
- Click Here.

On Monday 22 September 2003, Dorset Police Authority and the Chief Constable had to have a Barrister in court in Hertfordshire over the mallicious bankrupcy proceedings they started against Mr Coulter. This is because Mr Coulters Lawyer blocked their action and is appealing this in the High Court in London. However both Lester Aldridge and Dorset Police are so arrogant and mallicious using Rate Payers money, they re-issued the exact same proceedings against Mr Coulter the following Thursday. Meaning that they will now have to employ their barrister to go back to hertfordshire, only for Mr Coulters lawyers to block their action again, this will all end up in a consolidated case in the High Court in London at the Dorset Rate Payers expense. MR COULTER HAS REPORTED THIS TO ELECTED MEMBERS IN DORSET WHO ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM, BY NOT BECOMMING PART OF THE SOLUTION AND ATTEMPTING TO STOP FURTHER ESCALLATION AT THE RATE PAYERS EXPENSE.

Following the actions in Hertfordshire where the District Judge was wrong on a number of issues, the basis of which Mr Coulters lawyers used as grounds for an appeal. In order to stop the malicious bankruptcy proceedings, pending a cross claim from Mr Coulter against the Dorset Authorities, on the 9th October 2003, Mr Coulter obtained an injunction against Dorset Police, stopping further proceedings pending an appeal in mid December 2003. When Mr Coulter won the injunction, he also won costs of over £1,700 (Pounds) against Dorset Police, which will eventually be paid by increased rates on the Dorset Councils Tax Payers. Dorset Police were so arrogant, none of those costs were needed, all they had to do was give an undertaking not to proceed the malicious bankruptcy proceedings until the appeal is heard in December.

Dorset Police and Leseter Aldridge have got themselves in a mess over these expensive on going civil actions, that are nothing to do with stopping crime in Dorset, other than attempting to stop criminal proceedings against senior officers at Dorset Police HQ. Mr Coulters lawyers wrote to the dullards at Lester Aldridge, who cannot show any relevant statutory provision to show that a judgment cost (obtained by perjury), in the name of Dirk Aldous, can be transferred to the present Chief Constable, who is not even initiating these proceedings, but in fact the malicious actions have been authorised by the Chairman of the Police Authority Michael Taylor, and his Clerk Peter Harvey, who supposedly advises other elected members on the legal position. It has been said that Harveys advice is at the minimum wrong, and at the Maximum Perverse. To see a letter from Mr Coulters Lawyers detailing this, and asking for the costs Mr Coulter won against the Police : Click Here

Plenty more to Come - Watch This Space!