Gerry Coulter - Aged 56

In 1995 MR Coulter had his Jeep stolen and sold by the thief who was subsequently convicted of the theft. She sold his Jeep without registration documents to a Car Dealer, who's brother was a Serving Dorset Police Officer Based at Bournemouth, and evidence would suggest he was also a Free Mason.

We will present evidence of how Dorset Police and Dorset County Council forced MR Coulter to take a criminal case of a stolen vehicle, through the civil courts, and caused complete chaos with their behind the scenes misconduct that is still on going. Mrs Coulter received Racist Comments from Dorset Police, and Mr Coulter was provoked by the Deputy Chief Constable and the Clerk to the Police Authority, Peter Harvey, into finally taking Legal Action Against the Dorset Authorities that is still ongoing, due to tit for tat civil actions from the Dorset Authorities at the Rate Payers Expense.

This Case should have gone to the magistrates courts for a order to return the car to it's rightful owners. Unfortunately MR Roger Hall, who is now one of the most senior Dorset CPS Prosecutors refused to request an order for the return of the car, or an order to have the car taken into police custody for safe keeping. Furthermore the deputy chief constable MR F.A. MAY LLB, who was qualified in law and knew he had the power under section 19 of PACE to impound that car, subsequently lied that he did not have the power to impound the vehicle, and in so doing he committed an Indictable criminal offence of misconduct in public office, and obstructing power granted by statute.

Both the deputy chief constable and the chief constable knew that at the time there was a national police operation that came down from the home office, Operation Bumblebee this was order all police forces to return stolen property to the rightful owners. In fact Shaw Taylor was appearing on TV showing stolen property that other forces had in an attempt to re-unite it with it's owners. The fact that Chief Constable Aldous had this set out in writing to him, and complaints to him that his deputy was lying about the powers he had to impound the stolen jeep, Chief Constable Aldous refused to respond to any letters from MR Coulter or deal with his complaints in compliance with the law set out in PACE at the time.

This caused MR Coulter to make criminal allegations of misconduct in public office at the minimum, and obstructing powers granted by statute at the maximum, perpetrated by Chief Constable Aldous and deputy chief constable May, by ignoring their obligations to Operation Bumblebee, and lying about their powers under section 19 of PACE, and the failure to have deputy chief constable May investigated by an officer of the same rank from an outside force, in compliance with the statutory instruments, and the police and criminal evidence act that was in force at the time.

Mr Coulter's complaints were refereed instead to Dorset County Councils Legal Department where a shyster lawyer, Mike Davis was tasked with defending Dorset Police at the Rate Payers Expense, in any civil actions bought against them.

Davis along with the head of the legal department at the time, David Jenkins, were all urinating in the same pot with Dorset Police. The only reason the county council legal department were tasked with defending Dorset Police from people trying to sue them, was because Mike Davis was married to the former Dorset Deputy Chief Constable Sue Davis, when Mike Davis was being payed a salary from the rate payers commensurate with this extra task.

The Chief Executive of Dorset County Council at the time was Peter Harvey. He has more hats on his head than at a mad hatters tea party. He was heavily urinating in the same pot as all the other Dorset Authorities. He was Clerk to the Police Authority, Clerk to the Fire Authority, Clerk to the Dorset Lieutenancy, The Chairman of Business Link, on the NHS Trust Board, and any other pie he could get a dirty finger in. Naturally he was payed a salary commensurate with all of this.

Peter Harvey had a conflict of interest in all of this, it was at the least unethical, and failed to comply with good practice. In his official capacity as clerk to the police authority he took a strategic decision to obstruct the powers granted by statute law in how the criminal allegations against Deputy Chief Constable May and Chief Constable Aldous should be investigated by an outside force.

Harvey, Jenkins, Davis and May all provoked MR Coulter into taking Civil Action against Dorset Police, by refusing to deal with his complaints properly, refusing to deal with him and telling him that they would only deal with lawyers. This was in itself a course of conduct that amounted to misconduct in public office, a criminal offence. This was done in order to bury the criminal allegations in civil litigation. However criminal offences are not time barred, unlike civil litigation. All the officers including the present cheif executive of the police authority can still be charged with criminal offences of misconduct over attempting to cover all this up, and the obstructing of powers in statute law.

MR Coulter in the early stages only wanted to have a respectful business like dialog with these people, unfortunately all he got from them, was arrogance and provocation to the point that he now speaks to them in a proportionate way that he was dealt with.

HOWEVER the Criminal Offences committed in this case are another matter. Peter Harvey is now doing very well in Quango Land. Andy May also got a position on a Dorset NHS Trust giving him extra salary on top of his very good police pension, considering he was on a six figure salary before he retired. Former Chief Constable Aldous is also sitting financially comfortably. David Jenkins has since been promoted to Chief Executive of Dorset County Council and on a salary commensurate with all the hats he has on his head. Gill Donnell now has an MBE and has been promoted to Chief Super Intendant, a high salary position, she is also payed commensurate with being a member of the Dorset Criminal Justice Board. This dishonest bitch was up to all sorts of hanky-panky in covering up police misconduct surrounding the loss of MR Coulters Jeep facilitated by Dorset Police. Mike Davis had a heart attack and died at the wheel of his car the day after MR Coulters Lawyers served a civil law suit on Chief Constable Aldous. This was probably due to the fact that Davis was up to all sorts of hanky-panky along with Deputy Chief Constable May over obstructing section 19 of PACE in refusing to impound the stolen car in to safe custody.

Peter Harvey has been described as a parasite, ponsing off the public purse to see details of this : CLICK HERE

When Chief Constable Jane Stitchbury took over from Aldous, she invited MR Coulter on the 04th July 2000, to Dorset Police Headquarters, lying to him that she would look into his criminal allegations against Peter Harvey of the Police Authority covering up misconduct, and obstructing powers granted by statute law. Instead she interrogated MR Coulter over a website called VOMIT that MR Coulter did not own. As a result he was so angry he launched this site an others. Furthermore the misconduct of Chief Constable Jane Stitchbury in covering all this up, and later starting civil action against MR Coulter, which was a wreak-less waste of rate payers money, in an attempt to bury him in civil litigation and divert from his criminal allegations being properly dealt with. MR Coulters allegations against Sitchbury were also obstructed and not dealt with by the CHairman of the Police Authority, Michael Taylor, or his predecessor, Peter Jones.

Taylor is another parasite ponsing off the public purse, to see details of this: CLICK HERE

MRS Jane Stitchbury couldn't even be honest about her married name. On all dorset police letterheads it used to say Chief Constable MRS Jane Stitchbury. In fact, she was MRS Campbell, Stitchbury was her maiden name. She could call herself Chief Constable Jane Stitchbury, or she could call herself Chief Constable MRS Campbell, but she couldn't call herself Chief Constable MRS Jane Stitchbury, this is another example of her lack of integrity. This bitch retired as Chief Constable and was well looked after by the old boy network, for covering up misconduct. She became Inspector of Constabularies for Dorset and other forces in the region. Again urinating in the same pot and auditing the force she had just left. If thats not unethical, we don't know what is. All these bastards have been well looked after and are financially well-off after playing a dirty hand in what was done to MR Coulter. He on the other hand had his life wrecked by these people and received no support at the time from either victim support organisations in Dorset or Hertfordshire.