So many things Dorset Police and their Cronies in the Council, CPS, Courts Managment,
and Police Authority, need to be known by the Dorset Rate payers. They will know exactaly
what they can expect from Officers & Officials who have a culture of Dishonesty.

The First Example of something not right relates to
Chief Constable Jane Stichbury aka - Mrs Campbell

You will note at the bottom of all Official Dorset Police Letterheading, it states :

She is not Mrs J Stichbury, Her Husband is Ronald John Campbell, a retired
Very Senior Metropolitan Police Officer. Stichbury is her maiden name,
and therefore why does she not refere to herself as Mrs Campbell, or Ms Stichbury?

In fact when she was serving with the metropolitan police & climbing the greasy pole,
she divorced her previous husband Marc Smith-Evans, and later married
Mr Campbell when they were living together at : 1 Merry Hill Close, Kenley.

We are told that she had been mounted at various times when she served in the Met.
She was even in the Metropolitan Police Equestrian Society.

The Campbells are Comming Ho Ho, Ho Ho,
The Campbells are Comming Ho Ho, Ho Ho.

To see Certified Copies of her Marriage Certificates obtained from
the public records office, which proves what we are saying.
This is in the Public Interest and without Malace


The Deputy Chief Constable wasnt much different , how can they
critiscise lower ranks for being dishonest, when those at the top have
a culture of dishonesty. Click Here to View.

Lets play Spot The Difference!


On Page 14 of the Western Gazette dated 27 Feb 2003, We have Oliver Letwin calling
for a crack down on Drugs Related Crime and Violent Crime, and that Crime is Increasing.

On Page 12 of the same Newspaper we have Dorset Police putting out Spin on their massaged statistics
showing that they are performing extremely well and that they are on course to achieve government targets.

Whos Bulling Who? Click Here to See what the Papers Say.

*Comming Soon on this Website*

How the clerk to the police authority Peter Harvey lies to elected members
and is dishonest in his reports. This man was the former Chief Executive of
the County Council and has had many hats on his head.

In the meantime you can see his envolvement with a victims allegations
Click Here.

This article was sent in for publication on this website.
We make no comment as to the content, other than to say that
somebody believes Crime is Out of Control in Dorset
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It was reported on Page 15 in the London Edition of the Sun on Wednesday 28th May 2003
that Dorset Police had planted a bug (Listening Device) in order to get evidence to
convict a Drug Smuggler. Under normal circumstances this would be justified,
however the arrogant Dorset Police did not comply with the law with regard to listening
devices and the case went before the European Court of Human Rights, who awarded
the convicted criminal £3400.00 compensation. Dorset Police think they are beyond the law
as other sections of this site will show, if they ride rough shod over your legal
rights you cannot get the police authority, CPS or any other legal body to invoke
the law. This Police Force knows this, and although the Sun Article is calling
the European Court Potty for their ruling, victims claim that without
them there is no domestic remedy. We shall be publishing the EHR
Court Ruling from the Full Transcript of the case here on this site :
Click Here to view the Transcript

To see the London Edition : CLICK HERE >

We recieved a letter from a lady who has been monitoring this website.
She sent us a Newspaper Cutting of a Court Case that cleared Four Police
Officers from the Met, but revealed a culture of corruption. Furthermore it disclosed
that Five Bent Police Officers had previously been Jailed. The Lady makes the point :
if these officers can face criminal charges then how can the Police in Dorset not be
investigated by an outside force?
And if as they claim they have done nothing wrong,
then why shouldnt they be investigated by an outside force?

To See her Letter and the Article CLICK HERE.