Complaint Statement by E H Robinson to Dorset Police

1. Summer1993 Mr Perry Bennet reported fraud and corruption by Lloyds Bank Plc in their architect departments to Devon and Cornwall Police. That enquiry was passed to Dorset Police, an investigation should be carried out why Devon and Cornwall Police passed the enquiry to Dorset Police. Mr Bennett reported when he worked for a mechanical firm in Cornwall carrying out Lloyd's work he would quote to do work in the bank, for example £11,000-00 but, his directors would change his quote to for example £33,000-000, these inflated prices were being carried out by all contractors working for Lloyds Bank Plc but controlled by certain architects.
It must be noted Dorset Police has only interviewed Mr P Bennett in the last few weeks.

2. October 1993 I reported fraud and corruption to Lloyds Bank Plc Investigation Department, to take my statement from Lloyds were Mr J Troon and Miss Askew, I signed a 22-page statement, Dorset Police have had a copy since March 1994.
Mr John Troon informed me at that meeting he had worked with Inspector Cash in the Metropolitan Police, he carried out an investigation and in January 1994 Mr K Varley Chief Architect and Mr Hancock Southwest Area Director was dismissed from Lloyds Bank Plc.
It must be noted Dorset Police has not interviewed Mr K Varley and Mr D Hancock.

3. March 1994 I reported fraud and corruption by Lloyds Bank Plc and Ernst & Young to Dorset Police. A detective Sergeant Rosewarn came to 183 Barrack Road Christchurch to collect my evidence, he stated to me, "Do I have to bother to take this paperwork away" his attitude was Dorset Police had no intention of investigating Lloyds Bank Plc or Ernst & Young. I called him into my office and advised him it was the duty of the Police Force to investigate and explained to him if he was in my position would he expect an investigation he stated "yes" and removed my paperwork.

4. Dorset Police now had my statement which I gave to Lloyds Bank Plc October 1993, it would have been of vital interest for Dorset Police to have obtained a copy of John Troon's Report, that report would have supplied evidence to Dorset Police regarding myself, Lloyds Bank Plc and Ernst & Young.
An investigation should be carried out as to why Dorset Police failed to obtain a copy of the John Troon Report, Mr J Troon and Miss Askew should be interviewed by a Police Force.

5. After several months waiting to be interviewed by Dorset Police in July 1994, (please note I supplied my evidence March 1994) I wrote to the Superintendent in charge at Winfrith, a Superintendent Thornley wrote back and informed me he had not heard of my case but was allowing Inspector Cash to continue.
I consider Superintendent Thornley's decision was incorrect he should have carried out a full enquiry regarding Eastern Fraud Division and removed Inspector Cash from the investigation.
An investigation should be carried out by a Senior Officer of Dorset Police or another Police Force why Superintendent Thornley was not told of my case, is it the usual practice Senior Officers of Dorset Police are not being informed of investigations in the departments they control.

6. I was then requested to attend Christchurch Police Station to be interviewed on tape in attendance Inspector Cash and Sergeant Rosewarn. I informed them of my activities with architects, when that was completed I then said I will inform you of the fraud and corruption at Lloyds Bank Plc and Ernst & Young, Inspector Cash then turned off the tape and said, "We will tape that evidence another day". I must advise Dorset Police that I am still waiting to give my evidence on Police tape.

7. Late 1994 I reported fraud and corruption to HM Customs & Excise Fraud Division at Poole, I was very concerned HM Customs & Excise were losing Millions of pounds through accountants not collecting debtors money correctly, I spoke to a Mr Foster at Poole in the interview he did not state the whole truth, this was regarding a Dorset Police Officer. My conclusion he was not going to investigate and had spoken to Officers of Dorset Police, by not investigating HM Customs & Excise have lost millions of pounds of revenue.
Mr Foster should be interviewed by another Police Force.

8. Late 1994 I had a call from a company I had leased vehicles from, the Director stated Police were investigating a car that had been damaged, the repair was carried out by S Norris of Salisbury, the car was driven by Mr M Mckee I was informed the Police were investigating a VAT fraud. I sent a letter to Superintendent Thornley requesting that he telephone me, I could then clear up this investigation and save Dorset Police money, he failed to telephone me. I was requested to attend Christchurch Police Station and questioned about the car by Inspector Cash and Sergeant Rosewarn, they had been investigating a payment made by VAT of £34-oo, if Superintendent Thornley had telephoned me I could of informed him when the accident happened. I employed Mr M Mckee under PAYE rules therefore I was not breaking any law. I did not inform my conclusion to the two Police Officers. I was concerned with their total inefficiency; they carried out this act to try to frighten me and to shut me up.
A Senior Officer of the Dorset Police should question Superintendent Thornley.

9.The next letter I received was from Inspector Cash informing me not to write any further letters to Dorset Police and to consult a solicitor, please note NO charges have been made by Dorset Police, Inspector Cash should never have sent that letter, the information I was supplying was with regard to fraud and corruption of Lloyds Bank Plc and Ernst & Young. The letter was sent to frighten me and to shut me up.
Superintendent Thornley should be questioned if he received a copy of this letter.

10. In early 1995 I requested the Police to obtain a Court Order to collect invoices from Ernst & Young regarding debtors collection. I consider KRC had £70k removed fraudulently from debtor's collection by Ernst & Young that money should have gone to creditors.
Mr Perry Bennett has made a statement regarding debtors collection; the Police have a copy.
Sergeant Bryson should be questioned regarding the lack of investigation with regard to debtor's collection.

11. I requested Dorset Police to have a typewriter expert examine a letter sent my Mr S Dowling of Lloyds Bank Plc; the letter is dated 11th August 1992. I consider this letter to be a forgery and I never received the letter.
Sergeant Bryson should be questioned why he never had that letter examined by an expert.

12. November & December 1995 I wrote to the Assistant Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable regarding my case, they both stated that investigations had been carried out, that was not a truthful statement by these two Senior Officers. I also requested from Mr F A May a complaints procedure that was refused and requested.
Dorset Police should interview me regarding Nat West Bank, I was never interviewed.

13. Late 1996 I signed a witness statement several weeks before I signed that statement. I advised Sergeant Bryson he should not waste Police time if the case would not stand up in front of the CPS, he advised me the case would stand up and should be sanctioned by the CPS for prosecution. I signed the statement I believe on the 31st December 1996, Sergeant Bryson has not informed me regarding that statement if it went to CPS. I must question was this another exercise By Dorset Police to shut me up.
The evidence I have is that it would have been impossible to present my case to the CPS because Sergeant Bryson had not interviewed anybody.
A Senior Officer of the Dorset Police should question Sgt Gryson.

14. July 1997 I made a statement to Dorset Police went to Ashley Road Police Station, (Poole). In part of my statement I reported a 3 Billion-pound bank fraud, I had sent Sgt Bryson details of KRC Bank statements how the fraud was operated.
Dorset Police regarding the 3 Billion-pound bank fraud never interviewed me.
A Senior Officer of Dorset Police should interview Sgt Bryson.

15. March 1st 1998 I had a meeting with Inspector Whittle and Sergeant Bryson at Christchurch Police Station. They informed me Dorset Police regarding my case had carried out no investigation but they would start investigating.
Inspector Whittle and Sergeant Bryson should be questioned by e Senior Officer of the Dorset Police.

16. Summer 1998 I met a Police Officer of the Dorset Police. I noticed the Officer was not very happy. I mentioned this in passing and the Officer stated to me an investigation had been carried out to prosecute a certain person but was informed by an Inspector of Dorset Police to remove the prosecution as the person being prosecuted was a Freemason.
This information is very relevant to my case.

17.January 1999 I reported a 7 Billion pound bank fraud. I have evidence how this fraud is carried out. The Serious Fraud Office refused to interview me and Dorset Police have not interviewed me.
Money is being removed fraudulently from bank accounts by banks every day. The revenue figure, every day runs into millions.
Home Office inspectors should be called in to investigate.

On the 18th March I wrote to Sgt Bryson and requested an interview on tape, I wish to report evidence on several matters, one regarding Hayward & Sons Ex Building Contractors this was to protect creditors in receivership, I am still to be interviewed by Dorset Police, Hayward & Sons was stated in my statement to Troon in October 1993

E H Robinson

5th October 1999