Note that CULLEY has signed this disclosure statement, to the effect that he did not search for any documents predating January 1994 elsewhere other than at Dorset Police HQ. These documents in question are of the most Confidential nature that can be held by any force, many of these are not even tenuously connected to the supposed deformation or libelous statements. It would appear that anybody who took this confidential Police information, for use in a supposed private Civil Action brought by PC CULLEY, and funded by the Police Authority, in order to circumvent breaches of Section 222 of the local government act, which states Local Authorities can ONLY bring an Action in their own name, and not in the name of a Private Individual Officer, appear to have misused data / information in these Civil Proceedings. We wonder if they are going to be prosecuted for the Alleged Criminal Offenses under Section 55 and 56 of the Data Protection Act, or is the Commissioner and his team, along with Dulux Jim going to Whitewash this?

On Monday 21st April 2003 Mr Hunt wrote to the Information Commissioner asking them to confirm that neither the Commisioner or anybody else connected with the investigation into the aledged offence , have no Freemasionic Connections. Mr Hunt is just being ignored by the Information Commisioner, who has not had the courtesy to reply.

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On 16th May 2003 Mr Hunt wrote to Dulux Jim Knight MP, as he had not had a reply regarding this, when Mr Hunt wrote to Dulux Jim on 6th March 2003.

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