Tariq Aziz to Get 1.5m
on Prince Charles
Poundbury Estste

It is claimed that this crook will not face charges in the Hague, and will receive the preferable treatment in exchange for giving information on other former members of Saddams regime. It has been suggested that his position as Foreign Minister and Deputy PM of the Former Regime, would have given him information on who and which companies in the UK were sanctions busting. He would also know who was receiving payments from Iraq in the Oil for Food scandal, and other dodgy deals by influential people. No wonder it is proposed to relocate him in Dorset where the regime is not much different from the one he has just left. For some time now Local Dorset Residents have questioned how Prince Charles estate at Poundbury could continue its development. It has now increased to such a size that it is now a separate town almost as big as Dorchester. People cannot believe how the housing development got its planning permission, and have raised questions over the amount of Green Field Agricultural Land that have been Developed.

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