Roger Hall - Senior Dorset CPS Prosecutor

This Low Life has carried out two malicious prosecutions of Dorset Victims that we know of.

ADDRESS : 17 Aldridge Way, Lone Pine Park, Ferndown, BH22 8HA


In 1995 this shyster was up to all sorts of hanky-panky along with Dorset Police Officers, when he facilitated the theft of a mans jeep.

We are told by Christopher Hobby of Bournemouth, that Hall attempted a malicious prosecution of him that was thrown out by the magistrates. Chris believes this was done with the connivance of the police and the CPS because Chris was complaining about police misconduct.

We do not know how many people he has fitted up in the courts, or attempted to fit up in the courts. However we do know that he attempted to frame Barry Hunt of Weymouth in a case that got thrown out. If ever there was a malicious prosecution this was one. Dorset Police have constantly and maliciously been after Barry Hunt for a number of years, ever since they lost thousands of pounds of Dorset Rate Payers Money in a malicious civil action to try to silence him making criminal allegations of misconduct by Dorset Police Officers. The reason they have gone to such lengths is because of the criticism of Freemasonry in this case. To see more - Click Here

We are not happy about all the mutual back-scratching with the police and the CPS, how can we get bent senior coppers like Former Deputy Chief Constable May, Former Chief Constable Stitchbury, and the incumbent Chief Super Intendant Gill Donnell, and Super Intendant Whittle prosecuted for misconduct in public office, when they are all eating and drinking and attending jollies at the tax payers expense in the criminal justice boards.

These criminal justice boards that the government has set up only serve to exasperate the situation. When you have got dishonest shysters like Roger Hall attending jollies with dishonest coppers. No wonder people all over the country want these criminal justice boards disbanded. To see more - Click Here

Below is a short documentary film showing this dishonest shyster being questioned by a Dorset Victim