Ken Cook of Christchurch, Dorset

Ken was the victim of having his legal intellectual property taken from him. He was defrauded by the intellectual property office and also the victim of a criminal offence of perjury in civil proceedings that Dorset Police refused to do anything about. This does not surprise us, as they are not adverse to commiting perjury themselves in court proceedings.

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Mr Cook was also turned over and ripped off by a bunch of shyster lawyers, Lester Aldridge. These shysters are even more dishonest than Dorset Police, as they have represented Dorset Police against two of the victims mentioned on this website. At the time they had their snouts firmly in the rate payers trough, milking it for every pennt that they could get, figting futile civil legal actions on behalf of this bent police force.

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Mr Cook has written a book called "Justice Denied" it is an extremely good read with 426 pages and pictures. The best chapter is Chapter 35 - "Justice, British Style"

You can contact Mr Cook via his blog to purchase this book.