Watched your videos, and I've checked out your website. Very interesting stuff on there, especially as I've been looking to further my knowledge of corruption within the Police force as well as Masons in the local area. I'm a student at a Poole school, and I'm convinced there are Masons in the school hierarchy, coupled with the fact there are masonic symbols on posters around school.

I've had personal encounters with the inadequate Police force as I was falsely accused of a Knife point robbery by a child younger than myself. Based on this phonecall alone they arrested me, detained me for 6 hours and interviewed me all without a witness statement from the alleged victim. I was not offered food or drink during this time. Whilst I was in custody my house was searched and my family disturbed. I was recalled on several occasions and the charges were dropped.

Poole police are also failing in tackling drugs in the area. There is Cocaine and Heroin being sold in the area all the time, I've even had addicts tugging on my arm by a public toilet asking if I can get them any brown and yet there main focus seems to be making police figures look good by arresting or attempting to arrest youths selling small amounts of Cannabis. I was with a friend in town who was caught selling cannabis on camera, the police saw this which is rather scary and proceeded to send 4 marked cars and two undercover cars along with about 10 officers to search every youth at the skate park. They found one bag of cannabis on the floor and nobody in possession. I can't help thinking this is a waste of Police time and a little strange.