I have by some weird twist of fate become a victim of police abuse in Bournemouth, when me and my friend were stopped by police on Holdenhurst Rd driving home from a walk on the beach.

I was handcuffed, taken to police station and strip searched for no reason. Police didn't know what to make up, as there was no traffic offense, all papers fine, no breach of peace, no antisocial behaviour, even no impoliteness or resistance...so they made up 'glazed eyes' and 'suspicious from carrying drugs'! After strip search I was given a form and released immediately with 'have a nice evening'..

At the moment I am trying to find out how to proceed in filing a suit against police and would appreciate any advice. As I can see, I am not alone, who has suffered at hands of police here and the ease they were lying to me and threatening me suggests it is a daily occurence, and that's why i feel I can not let it go! Just don't know what to do exactly and how. Filing complaints would be a waste of time and I was told by Councillor Ann Filer on the meeting, not to even file a complaint, but instead to speak to a chapelin at university, where I am a student, to help me get over the trauma from this experience.

Anna finally found some no-win-no-fee lawyers to start proceedings against dorset police for the violations of her dignity, they ended up hgaving to pay compensation to avoid this case going to court.